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    6 Reasons You Need Neck Fan

    1. Save Your Energy: Prevent fatigue by decreasing moisture loss, targeting chilly bliss on your skin, and ditching uncomfy manual-fanning alternatives.

    2. Enjoy Your Favorite Places: Who doesn’t love getting out on a hot summers day? Amp up the chill factor with your personal breezing companion.

    3. Make The Most Out Of Your Day: Every escapade is a breeze! Elevate your travel experience – no more meltdowns under the scorching sun!

    4. Cooling For Everyone: Whether a it’s a 4-legged friend or your mother-in-law, everyone loves to feel the wind through their hair (or fur)!

    5. Cooler-in-Chief at Work: Be the boss of your freeze with your own personal chill-o-stat, cooling your way to productivity and comfort.

    6. Supercharge Your Workouts: Offers a refreshing respite during intense workouts, letting you comfortably push your limits for longer.

    Revolutionary Technology

    Hands-free Use

    The were developed with the highest scale of efficiency in mind. Our neck fans can be worn comfortably around the neck, leaving your hands free to perform any task.

    Compact Design

    A compact and lightweight neck fan that is easy to carry and doesn't add unnecessary bulk or weight during outdoor activities or daily routines? Say no more, we have packed all those features into.

    Long Battery Life

    Our long-lasting battery can operate for extended periods without needing frequent recharging. It features 4-16 hours of cooling with one charge, more than enough to keep you cool throughout the day.

    Quiet Operation

    Upon developing our number 1 priority was to make it operate as quitely as possible to avoid causing distractions or the disruption of peaceful environments.

    Ergonomic & Comfortable

    Were designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring a comfortable fit even during prolonged use. Besides that it is so lightweight that you won’t even notice that it is there.

    Snap-proof Flexibility

    Withstands outdoor activities, with a durable construction that can handle the demands of hiking, workouts, and other adventures. Don’t let the heat keep you back from pursuing your favorite activities!

    What People Are Saying


    Have used it every day since I got it, lasts all day. Game changer for sure.

    OMAR E.


    Can’t live without this now! This fan is superior to others because it blows air all the way around the back of the neck as well… it also lasts me all day at Disney parks whne left on medium speed



    This is great, goes around your neck and keeps you cool especially if you have long hair and it's down and not up. This fan is a portable AC.



    Wore it around all day at Disney and it kept me feeling fresh and didn't need a recharge the whole time.

    MEGAN T.

    Got Questions?

    How loud is?

    We understand the importance of a peaceful environment, whether you're using it at home, in the office, or in public spaces.

    At the highest speed, the fan can be heard at 31db which is as quiet as a whisper.

    With advanced noise reduction technology, ensures minimal noise disturbance, allowing you to enjoy a serene and undisturbed experience while staying cool.

    How long does the battery last?

    A charge usually lasts somewhere between 4-16 hours depending on the speed setting

    • Low ~ 16 hours
    • Medium ~ 8 hours
    • High ~ 4 hours

    Can operate for extended periods without needing frequent recharging, ensuring continuous cooling throughout the day.

     Is it heavy to wear?

    Weighs 9.1 oz.

    It was specifically engineered to be lightweight, allowing you to wear it for extended periods without any discomfort or strain.

    You can enjoy the benefits of personal cooling without feeling weighed down.

    Can I adjust the angle of the fans?

    Absolutely! With adjustable fan angles, you can effortlessly direct the airflow exactly where you need it the most. Whether you prefer a focused cooling sensation or a broader airflow coverage, allows you to tailor the fan angles to your own preference.

    How do I charge it?

    Your comes with a USB-C charging cable.

    Within just 30 minutes your Breezer is completely charged up.

    The flash red light means charging while the solid red lights shows a full charge.

    Does hair get caught in it?

    No need to worry about hair getting caught in, thanks to its innovative bladeless technology. Unlike traditional fans, utilizes an advanced bladeless design, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted airflow without the risk of hair entanglement.

    Can I wear it during intense physical activity?

    Absolutely! Is designed to keep you cool even during intense physical activity.

    Its ergonomic and lightweight design ensures a secure fit that won't interfere with your movements, whether you are intending to use it for workouts in the gym, outdoor adventures, running, hiking…



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